About Me

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Jeannette Tomanka

I’m a mother of two great kids, a parttime housewife (LOL!) and I fancy I’m something of a life hacker — I experiment a lot to try to come up with ways of doing things more easily.

I formerly worked in corporate America doing marketing, and I eventually figured out that I was unsatisfied with my work/life balance, so I decided it would be healthier for my family and I if I found ways of working from home so I could be in my kids’ lives more and so I could do all the things in making a nurturing home that were stressing me out from being too persistently neglected. I finally found a niche in writing as a contractor, and I have the luxury of being able to choose who I will or won’t work for.

In this personal blog, I’m enjoying writing for myself and talking about all the things that interest me. This will likely include recipes, homemaker tips, local color from my hometown in Portland, Oregon, and compelling discount alerts.

Stay tuned, and let me know if you like something I’ve written here!